The Chester County Fire Police Association exists to: promote the general improvement of the fire police service of to the Chester County fire companies and communities they serve, gather and share information beneficial to all fire police, promote the welfare of the fire police through legislative enactments, and promote interest in improving the fire police service of the fire companies and to create a feeling of good will and fellowship among our members. Organized November 18, 1949.  Chartered January 19, 1965.

2013 Awards Picnic MVA on route 3 Ron Miller
Who Are Fire Police

Fire Police are dedicated volunteers who respond to emergencies providing traffic and scene control protecting other responders and the public at fires, auto accidents, and other emergencies.  Initial Fire Police training is about 40 hours and includes traffic incident scene management, crowd control, HazMat awareness, and several NIMS(National Incident Management System) classes.  The Fire Police are vital to the effective operation of Firefighters, EMTs, and the police department at an incident.

Chester County Fire Police Take Introduction to the Fire Service for Fire Police Course

On Saturday January 16, 2016, thirty (30) Fire Police participated in the first day of a 2-day entry level course designed to introduce them to the basic fundamentals of the fire service. Course components include the historical overview of the fire service, fire service organization, firefighter safety, personal protective equipment, tools, emergency lighting, etc… This… View Article

“Headlight” laws enacted in Pennsylvania

There have been two “Headlight” laws enacted in Pennsylvania. Turn your headlights on at dawn, dusk, when using windshield wipers, and in work zones. While it may not help you see, it WILL help you be be seen!

CCFPA Awards Picnic 2013 – 05/05/2013

The Chester County Fire Police Association (CCFPA) held their annual Awards Picnic on Sunday May 5, 2013 at the Public Safety Training Center. This well attended event is intended to serve as a thank you to all Chester County fire police for their countless hours of dedicated volunteer service to their communities.

Steer Clear Law Enhances Roadside Safety

Steer Clear Law Enhances Roadside Safety The “Steer Clear ” law requires drivers to move over or slow down when they encounter an incident along the side of the road. When to Steer Clear emergency scene traffic stop roadside personnel responding to a disabled vehicle Penalties under the Steer Clear Law fine of up to… View Article

Fire Police Fairness Act

The legislation would extend coverage under the Public Safety Officers’ Benefits (PSOB) program to fire police officers.

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