Our administration provides the structure and handles the business operations of the association.  The station captains oversee the crews from each department in the county.

Our Administration
Name Position
Brandon MichaelsPresident
John NeffVice President
Philip SalasTreasurer
Anthony DiPianoSecretary
Paul GrothmannMembership Secretary
Gerald ChristiansFire Police Commissioner
Eileen AmatrudoDirector
Jeff KimesDirector
Ronald MillerDirector
John NeffDirector
John SciandraAlternate PA Fireman Association Delegate
Susan SingerAlternate PA Fireman Association Delegate
Arthur DaggettChaplain
Station Captains
Station Name Rank Designation
3Kenneth Furlong Sr.Captain3-30
4MARK JOHNSON Captain4-30
5Anthony DiPiano Captain5-30
6Daniel Delaney Captain6-30
8Timothy Cunningham Captain8-30
21Gerald Christians (Gerry)Captain21-30
22Craig Miller Captain22-30
23Harvey Hall Captain23-30
24Theron Male (TJ)Captain24-30
25Jeff Hammaker Captain25-30
27David Arroyo Captain27-30
31Glenn Senter Captain31-30
33William Ford IIICaptain33-30
35Allen Touchton Captain35-30
36Andrew Skean Captain36-30
37John Gatchel Captain37-30
38James Mostyn Captain38-30
39Robert Miller Captain39-30
41/43Arthur Daggett Jr.Captain41-30
44David Leary Captain
45/46Carmen Semenza Captain46-30
47Jack Sledgeski Captain47-30
48William Radford Captain48-30
49Ronald Miller Captain
51/52/53Ronald Giacinto Captain52-30
54/56John Manley Jr.Chief54-30
62Richard Hedrick Captain62-30
63Butch Yeager Captain63-30
64Randall Richter Captain64-30
68R. Kimbel Colket Captain
69Timothy Cunningham Captain69-30
73Jeff Kimes Captain73-30